Microsoft Teams Over Discord with New “Play Together” Widget


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Microsoft is intensifying its efforts to promote the use of Microsoft Teams, this time with the introduction of the “Microsoft Teams Play Together” widget. This new widget encourages users to connect with friends through Microsoft Teams while gaming on their Windows PCs rather than relying on competing services like Discord. The device is part of the Xbox Game Bar, offering an alternative communication platform for gamers.

A New Way to Unite Gamers

Available for download from the Microsoft Store, the “Microsoft Teams Play Together” widget extends the consumer version of Microsoft Teams pre-installed on Windows 11. Designed to integrate seamlessly with the Windows ecosystem, the device facilitates communication among gamers by allowing them to sign in with their personal Microsoft Accounts. Once signed in, users can screen-share gameplay and conduct video or voice chats during gaming sessions. These interactions are easily accessed by summoning the Xbox Game Bar overlay using the Windows Key and G combination.

Enhanced Communication and Collaboration

What sets this widget apart is its ability to overlay the video feeds of friends onto the gaming screen, enabling gamers to maintain visual contact while immersed in the gameplay. Furthermore, the widget empowers users to generate and share links, inviting up to 20 friends to join the communication call. Even after the gaming session, users can continue discussions via chat, fostering ongoing communication and collaboration.

User Experience and Integration

As of its recent launch, the “Microsoft Teams Play Together” widget has garnered positive feedback for its ease of setup and initiation. Integrating the device into the Xbox Game Bar further enriches the user experience by providing a seamless and intuitive communication platform tailored for gamers. While initially available on Windows 11, it is notable that the widget is compatible with Windows 10, reinforcing Microsoft’s commitment to extending the functionality to a broader user base.

Balancing Promotion and User Choice

While the introduction of the Microsoft Teams widget demonstrates Microsoft’s efforts to offer a comprehensive communication solution, it may also spark debate among users who prefer alternative services like Discord. With Microsoft already pre-pinning the Teams chat app to the Windows 11 taskbar, some may perceive the widget as an aggressive integration of Teams into the Windows environment. The gradual accumulation of Teams-related features may prompt discussions about whether it enhances user experience or feels like an abundance of promotional content for Microsoft services.


Microsoft’s release of the “Microsoft Teams Play Together” widget marks another step in the company’s endeavour to integrate communication tools into the gaming experience. By offering an alternative to platforms like Discord, Microsoft aims to provide gamers with a convenient and versatile communication solution while playing. As the widget gains traction among users, it raises questions about how users perceive the integration of such features and whether they genuinely enhance the Windows environment or border on promotional content. In the evolving landscape of user experience and software integration, Microsoft’s strategy to prioritize communication among gamers remains a topic of interest and scrutiny.


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