Windows 11 Users Rejoice as Paint App Embraces Dark Mode in Latest Update


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After undergoing rigorous testing with Windows Insiders, Microsoft has now officially introduced the much-awaited dark theme support to the Paint app for Windows 11 users. This significant update brings a fresh look and enhanced functionality to the popular application, aligning it with the sleek aesthetic of the Windows 11 ecosystem. While the rollout is taking place in phases, the inclusion of dark mode and various enhancements demonstrates Microsoft’s dedication to refining user experiences and providing a modern interface.

Phased Rollout of Dark Mode

Following months of anticipation, the dark mode is finally making its way to the Paint app for Windows 11 users. However, as Brandon LeBlanc from Microsoft pointed out, the rollout is being conducted in a phased manner. This means that not all Windows 11 users will immediately have access to the dark theme in the Paint app. LeBlanc reassured users that the update is progressively rolling out, so users will gradually see the dark mode option become available on their Paint app.

Dark Mode Transformation and Compatibility

A notable feature of the dark mode in the Paint app is its comprehensive coverage. While the canvas color remains constant regardless of the chosen theme, the dark theme is implemented throughout the app interface. Once users switch to the dark theme, they will experience the transformation across all aspects of the application except for the canvas area. This cohesive adaptation respects the Windows 11 theme settings, ensuring that the app automatically transitions to dark mode when the system-wide dark theme is enabled. For users seeking further customization, the app settings (accessible via the gear icon at the top left corner of the app) offer the option to switch themes.

Enhanced Zoom Controls and Functionality

In addition to the highly anticipated dark mode, the Paint app has also received an array of enhancements. A standout improvement is the introduction of enhanced zoom controls. Users can now fine-tune their preferred zoom level with custom values, offering a higher degree of precision. This means that users can zoom their canvas to specific percentages, such as 101.15, as opposed to whole numbers. The updated zoom control drop-down menu also introduces the “Fit to window” option on the left side, further augmenting the user’s control over the zoom experience.

Accessibility and Usability Upgrades

Beyond the visual enhancements, the updated Paint app includes several accessibility and usability improvements. Dialogue boxes within the application have been enhanced to ensure a more streamlined and user-friendly experience. Moreover, improved access key and keyboard shortcut support has been implemented, facilitating smoother navigation for users who rely on these features.

Update Availability and Outlook

Windows 11 users keen on leveraging the new features of the Paint app should keep an eye out for the upcoming update. The version number to watch for is 11.2304.30.0. While the rollout is underway, the phased approach means that not all users will have immediate access to the update. Microsoft is actively pushing the update to users, ensuring that the dark mode and other enhancements will gradually become available on all compatible Windows 11 systems.


The introduction of dark mode and a range of enhancements to the Paint app underscores Microsoft’s commitment to refining and modernizing its applications in line with the Windows 11 ecosystem. This update brings not only a visually appealing dark theme but also valuable usability enhancements, such as fine-tuned zoom controls and improved accessibility features. While the phased rollout may require some patience, Windows 11 users can look forward to a refreshed and more user-centric Paint app experience that aligns seamlessly with the overall aesthetics of the Windows 11 environment.


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